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  • Amy Ward-Wurst


The last few weeks were chock full of inspirational events. To name a couple, The Grammy's and The Super Bowl definitely caught my attention.

Super Bowl LVII Highlights:

First, hats off to the Kansas City Chiefs for this epic win! The Chiefs had a trying season, to say the least. The press doubted they would even make it to the playoffs. And with Patrick Mahomes being injured, they still came out on top! (not to mention he was named MVP again!) Pat is such a role model, so humble and such an inspiration.

Super Bowl Performances


This comeback performance atop seven platforms suspended 60 feet above the field was unstoppable. A pregnant supermom, Riri showed the audience how it's done. She was fierce and happy to perform. A mom of 2, I know how hard it is to sing, dance and smile all at once with a baby in your belly. Go R!

Chris Stapelton:

Well, if you didn't FEEL this one, you missed out (or you have a heart of stone!) Chris Stapleton’s soulful, bluesy National Anthem Performance brought tears to many, as he simply brought on the goose bumps with his passionate, rugged and determined delivery. The simple set up: a Fender Telecaster, a tiny mic-ed amp and a couple of monitors and a KILLER vocal performance.


The 65th Annual Grammy Awards were on fire! This was my first year EVER to be on the waiting list, which was very exciting! Here are some of my favs:


The most deserving award went to Bonnie Raitt, winning Song of the Year for "Just Like That. " Raitt explained the inspiration came from a human interest piece that had been broadcast on the news. The story was about a woman who had donated her son's heart after his death and was about to meet the organ's recipient for the first time. "I just lost it, " Raitt said of the moment the man let the mother hear her son's heart beat in his chest. It was the most moving and surprising thing. I wasn't expecting it. I vowed right then that I wanted to write a song about what that would take."

No other song could come close to this winner, with such substance, heart and emotion. This is what I love about music: stories that MOVE us and inspire us. Thank you Bonnie for this amazing song! You are a veteran in the Grammy world and we are so happy to see you back on top!


Michael Buble wins Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album! This record is comprised of three tunes that were co-penned by Bublé and several timeless classics. It was produced by Greg Wells and Bob Rock along with Alan Chang, Jason “Spicy G” Goldman, and Sir Paul McCartney. Buble never disappoints with his delivery of the standard "Don't Get Around Much Anymore" and the touching original "Mother." Cheers to you, Michael!

NOMINEE and Shoutout

The Berklee Indian Ensemble was nominated for Best Global Music Album for "Shuruatt". Wow--this group is talented! When I was at Berklee, there were various Ensembles that you could try out for, but never a unique group like this. The intricate time signatures, instrumentation and passionate singing is worth a listen. They are Grammy winners in my mind! #berkleeindianensemble #berkleealumni #shuruatt


Alphabet Rockers wins the Best Children's Music Album - The Movement! Well, I have young kids myself and have heard my share of children's music, but this album is unique and has a clear message - "we have the power in our community to build a world of justice and belonging. "

It's also a winner in my eyes because the children on the album are not only singing, but writing the songs and producing! One big shout out to my colleague, "Reto Peter"--winning the Grammy for mixing this album. Congrats, Reto!

Well, that's a wrap. When I hear and watch others succeed, it makes my clock tick just a little bitter louder. We all rock in some shape or form! Don't forget it. #yourock

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