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Inside the Mind of a Songwriter

Amy Ward is a New York City Award Winning Songwriter that has placed over 100 songs in various TV shows, commercials, and movies. A Berklee College of Music graduate, Amy learned the craft of Songwriting by many of the greats out of Boston. Now based in Kanas City, Ward writes and records out of her home studio and collaborates remotely with various LA writers and producers.

Behind the Lyrics

Behind every great song is a story. From Billy Joel's "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant" and "Piano Man", "River" by Joni Mitchell, and many, many songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda, all these songs paint a picture. They take you to a place for a few minutes and you actually feel like you are on a journey with them. As if you can almost taste the red wine, smell the beer, feel the winter chill in the air at Christmas time or sense the frustration in "Surface Pressure".

Lyrics not only paint a picture, but they exude an emotion that is infectious, if written properly. I call it free therapy. The emotion can be a rainbow of feelings as the listener, and you can choose to listen, take the advice or turn it off. When I write songs that are personal, I tend to be more specific in the verses and more general in the choruses. #tip This helps for the general listening audience to connect and zone in more on the chorus, even if they aren't into that style of music.

Last night, I wrote a song on pure emotion. No project, no deadline, just straight from the heart.

This is my story of the day, my free therapy, me being brutally transparent , and my way of getting things off my chest. #freetherapy

No Easy Way

Gonna cut to the feeling, it’s like I bruised my knees

And it’s hardening lately to keep my mind at ease

I wanna put out the fire, ooh, wanna call it cool

But I don’t know which way is up or down like a fool


All the highs and all the lows have brought me here right now

I could run or I could fall , there is no easy way at all

There is no easy way....

At all

Well I gotta be honest, I’m scared as hell

And it’s human nature to look so calm and well

But I see the bright side, a dream come true

And heaven knows how hard I’ve tried to see this through


All the highs and all the lows have brought me here right now

I could soar or I could claw , there is no easy way at all

There is no easy way...

At all

Words & Music By: Amy Ward

Copyright Jan. 31 2023

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